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“There are two kinds of people : preachers and storytellers. For God’s sake, be a storyteller. The world’s got too many preachers.”

-Walker Percy

No matter what our line of creative work is, we are all connected to the tradition of storytelling : we uplift others, we challenge their worldview, we guide them to find meaning in their lives. There is an undying call for us to create such good art, to tell the truth in new, eloquent, and compelling ways.

And so, drawing from the stories of great figures such as Kurt Vonnegut, Bob Dylan, Steve Jobs, Leonardo da Vinci and Winston Churchill, this 71 page e-book will guide you through the essential lessons in creating timeless and impactful art, from following your calling and beating creative block, to figuring out what you want to truly express in your work, the technicalities of creating good art, and forging a strong connection with your audience.

Click here for a preview chapter, “Follow Your Calling”.

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