The Reading List

September 2017

Note : These monthly recommendations are made, of course, based on books that I read. So I guess you probably won’t find any sci-fi, romance, or chick-lit on my lists. (Sorry about that.)

1. The Other Side Of The Coin by Aiman Azlan and Ameen Misran


This book is a popular choice, and for a good reason. With immediacy, the book urges us to rethink topics we often overlook, especially as young people, such as love, identity, religion and education. Written in the form of short musings and hearty advice based on personal experiences, it’s proudly Malaysian. 


2. Mastery by Robert Greene


A brilliant blend of strategy and historical examples, Mastery is both extremely practical and entertaining from cover to cover. Discovering what your calling is in life and staying true to it are why we admire the great ‘geniuses’ to this day. An emotional connection to our work or study is what separates a person who masters a field from another person who simply works at a job. Also, if you’re interested in the Robert Greene cannon, here is a great way to start.


3. The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday


Simply a must read, no matter who you are. This book touches on opportunism — turning everyday trials into advantages. And it’s not another boring self-help book that recycles the same ideas and tells them in different words. Ryan Holiday doesn’t sugarcoat his advice, even if it stings you. It’s also filled with many intriguing stories and is structured as one short chapter after another.


4. The Old Man And The Sea by Ernest Hemingway


Easily one of Hemingway’s best books and by itself is a towering title. Through the character Santiago, this short novel teaches us not to attach ourselves to outcomes, that at the end of the day, being able to sleep soundly because you know you’ve done your best, is what matters. It’s the hustle that counts. People’s opinions and trophies do not. 


5. The Rise Of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris


Here’s for the voracious reader. Theodore Roosevelt is like a real-life hero coming out from a novel. A compelling narrative and a great study of Roosevelt’s character, the book covers his early years and his rise to presidency. Absorbing through the pages, you’ll learn a great deal from a man who literally lived his life to the fullest and committed himself to servitude. You will vividly experience Roosevelt’s adventures as a hunter, a naturalist, a ranchman, a writer, a soldier, a lover, and a man fated to be the youngest President of the US. 


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